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At some point, you've stuck a sticky-note to a wall, only to get frustrated when it curls up or falls off. 

Flow is a reinvention of the 60 year old boring sticky-note, with lots of new use cases.

It's colored side is a smooth, shiny surface that makes your handwriting look beautiful and your presentations look amazing, while its back side is dry erasable. Flow provides long-lasting, full-surface adhesive coverage using static charge instead of glue.

They are especially great for taking notes and reminders, leaving messages, visualizing tasks, mind mapping, working in teams, playing games with friends, teaching and powerful presentations and many other purposes.


Flow are dry erasable on the back side and come in many colors and sizes. Flow is 100% Recyclable.

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Visualize your ideas

Perfect for workshops

Flow is an amazing tool for brainstorming, mind-mapping, planning, working in teams, teaching, agile development, entertaining, drawing, decorating your interior, and of course, leaving notes and messages for your family or colleagues.


Re-usable and versatile

Flow just might be the most versatile paper solution in the world. One side is a writable surface for pencil, pen, or marker. The opposite side is like a dry erasable whiteboard that you can use time and again.

Statically charged

Flow is a modern twist on sticky notes that is super-charged with static electricity instead of glue.

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Draw and create anywhere

Clings to any surface

You can use Flow on drywall, computer screens, TV screens, refrigerators, windows, walls, artwork, and even some fabrics. The possibilities are endless!

Write with anything

Flow combines all of paper’s best qualities and pushes them one step further. Its sleek surface is satiny to the touch and compatible with almost any writing utensil, ideally markers or ballpoint pens. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that your handwriting is more beautiful than ever on Flow.

Environmentally friendly

Flow is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.


Flow Notes comes from our smallest range, and are best for taking notes and reminders, leaving messages, visualizing tasks, mind mapping, working in teams, playing games with friends, and many other purposes.


Flow Pads are note pads that use static charge instead of glue to cling to almost any surface. They are similar to Flow Notes but come in larger sizes.


Flow Pads are best for drawing and painting, mind mapping, and clinging instant classifieds around the office. 


Flow Boards are a portable alternative to whiteboards that let you turn any surface into an erasable poster.

Each roll comes ready with 5-20 sheets.

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Contact Us

If you want to learn more, become a retailer, have any questions to how it works or interested in a good offer, please get in touch with us or and we will answer any question.

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