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Ask Us Anything

How does it work?

Flow is made of statically charged polypropylene film. Rather than using glue to adhere, Flow clings using a stable static charge. Same as rubbing a balloon to your hair to make it stick in the roof.

Why Statically charged notes instead of regular sticky-notes?

These are a major improvement over regular sticky notes in almost every way. Its front, colored side is a smooth, satiny surface that makes your handwriting more beautiful than ever before, while its back side is dry erasable. It provides full-surface adhesive coverage using static charge instead of glue. It is 100% recyclable. But best of all? You can stick and slide it around without even removing it from the wall.

How long does it last?

The duration of charge depends on several factors, such as surface area, external environment, dust levels, and the texture of the target surface. In ideal conditions, Flow Notes can stick for as long as several weeks to several months, while our Pads can stick for as long as several months to a year. Our products products perform better in dry, temperate, dust-free environments. Like any adhesive stationery, they do not stick forever.

What can I use to write with?

Our products are compatible with almost any writing utensil, but for the best experience we recommend ballpoint pens, permanent markers, or erasable pens. We do not recommend gel pens, because the ink takes awhile to dry and tends to smear. For the dry erasable back, we recommend non-permanent, water-based marker. Alcohol-based markers can damage the surface and are more difficult to erase.

Can I erase on the front side?

No. The colored side of our products serves as a regular, non-erasable, writable surface for pens, pencils, or marker. Only the shiny white back side is dry erasable.

Can I print our company logo on any of the products?

We do offer the possibility of customized covers for end consumers (for example, corporate giveaways). We do not offer private labels for resale. If you’re interested in purchasing customized products, send us an e-mail at

Is the static charge harmful to any other electronics?

No. The stable static charge has absolutely no effect on any surface. Our products is safe to use on credit cards, screens, electronics, and any other smooth surface.

Do the products loose the static charge if stored for a long time?

No. They only begin to lose its static charge once you remove a sheet from the package. Our products can maintain its static charge indefinitely as long as you leave it in the packaging.

Which recycle bin should I throw them in?

You should throw your used products in the bin for plastic products.

Can I use your products outdoors?

We do not recommend our products for use outdoors because its static charge is sensitive to wind and humid atmospheric conditions.

Are your products water resistant?

No. Moisture can cause our products to lose its static charge, so for best results, use them in dry conditions.

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